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Richard Moutz is an Architect registered in South Carolina.  The office was established in 1985 and has been providing professional services ever since, to a wide variety of clients.

Mr. Moutz received his education from the Ohio State University, School of Architecture in 1975.  Further training in the field of Illustration came from Harvard University Graduate School of Design Special Programs.
Mr. Moutz has lived and worked in Ohio, South Florida, Southern California, South Carolina and Georgia.
Areas of Specialty include the following:


The firm provides Complete Architectural Design and Construction Administrative Services.
Projects include high end residential single family design, condominium and apartment buildings, office buildings , institutional buildings, retail centers, and tenant upfit design.
Careful attention to details, and understanding  the needs and desires of his clients are the most important feature of his design business.
Click  "Architectural Design" to view photographs of recent projects.
Richard Moutz provides professional renderings and study models to a wide variety of clients.  Renderings are colorful attractive, first class artwork that presents the project with professionalism.
Richard Moutz recognizes the importance and value of renderings and study models to communicate design ideas and concepts and serve as a marketing tool.
Several styles and techniques are available, which include "google sketch" up renderings and animations as well as hand colored traditional illustrations.
Click  "Architectural Illustrations" to view photographs of recent renderings.


Rick Moutz Architect Charleston S.C.
Rick Moutz Architect

Careful attention to details, listening and understanding the needs and desires of the client are the most important aspect of his design business.  When this is accomplished a truly successful design will result.


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